Saturday, October 06, 2012

Huttwil Cheese Festival - October 6, 2012

Huttwil is an ancient market town in Canton Bern. Map

These are raclette cheeses flavored with various herbs and spices.

We put just about everything in cheese here!

She is making "Hobelchäs" by using a "hobel" to the shave the cheese into paper thin slices. Basically it is an inverted block plane. The cheese must be at least 3 years old and very hard to do this.

"Znüniwurm" literally means 9 o'clock worm. We have two anticipated snack times in Switzerland called "Znüni "at 9AM and "Zveri" at 4PM.

Meringues were invented in Meiringen, Bern.

A HUGE wheel of Emmentaler.

Emmentaler sliced and ready to sell.


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