Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cascina Rosengana in Cocconato

Cascina Rosengana is a lovingly restored farm that has been converted into a restaurant and B&B. The food is locally grown and organic and all of a very high quality. Our waiter was Massimo and I suspect one of the owners. He spoke English well and was warm and welcoming. The dishes were presented without fuss or pretention and the whole experience was a delight.
The full menu with all the dishes listed below, grappa and coffee was €24 per person.
Salami crudo & cotto. (No picture)
Crispy parmesan cannolli filled with a goat’s cheese mousse.

Spinach quiche with cheese.

Carpaccio with a creamy gorgonzola sauce.
FYI: Carne Cruda Monferrina means ground or chopped raw meat (like tartar) and Carne Cruda “Albese” means slices raw meat (like carpaccio).

Agnolotti plin with sage and butter. 

Tajarin with ground veal sauce.

Vitello con salsa nocciola.

Roasted Guinea hen with its sauce.

Fried potatoes and spinach was served with the meats.

Dolce:Bavarian cream with moscato raisins.
Hazelnut torte with a thick cream sauce.
Chocolate torte with a thick cream sauce.

Our grappas and coffee were included in the price of the meal.

Cascina Rosengana
Via Liprandi 50
14023 Cocconato
Tel.: +39 0141907857
Fax: +39 0141907914
GPS: 45.0830724, 8.0573741



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